Our Year


Three years ago, after losing our home and most of our possessions to Hurricane Katrina (August 2005), we launched this web site, www.lemonadefromlemons.com. It was the easiest way of reaching friends and family and keeping everyone updated on the aftermath of the storm.

A lot has happened in the more-than-three-years after the storm. We've become grandparents. We've been full-time RVing for 2+ years now, and we've seen much of this beautiful country of ours. More importantly, we've met some of the nicest people who have since become good friends. We've had the opportunity to volunteer two consecutive summers at a national wildlife refuge. And we feel very blessed to have the TIME to devote to family, common interests (like birdwatching), and personal endeavors.

2008 has been a good year. Our son, DJ, married Ariel in April; Dave took Maria to a St. Louis Cardinals' baseball game on her birthday (our seats were right behind the Cards' dugout!); Kate gave birth to a little girl on September 8th; and now we're in the process of buying a house in Hopkinsville, Kentucky!

It will be fun to have a house again. It's down the street from our grandchildren, Bobby and Maeby, and we envision spending lots of time with them. We have no intention of giving up RVing, though we probably won't do any big trips anytime soon. The uncertainly of the economy is forcing us, like so many others, to tighten our belts. Still, adventures have a habit of following us, so I'm sure I'll never run out of fodder! We enjoy keeping in touch with you!

Maria and Dave